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The title page should include:

For research papers the abstract must be structured: Objective , Design, Results, Conclusions. It should not exceed 250 words. An abstract is not necessary for review articles.
Describe briefly the background, the aim of the study or the hypothesis tested, the methods used, the results and the conclusions.

Follow the usual architectural model, namely: introduction, subjects or experimental animals and methodology, results, discussion.
Laboratory values should be stated in both the international system (SI units) and in metric units in parenthesis. Values in the abstract values should be given only in SI units. Temperatures should be written in degrees Celsius.

Footnotes should be avoided. When considered necessary they should be numbered consecutively and placed at the foot of the appropriate page.

For electronic submission use a separate file for each figure in one of the three acceptable formats TIF, EPS, JPG (at least 300dpi). Figure legends should contain all the information necessary without reference to the text. Number in Arabic numericals.

Should be presented on separate pages as printed text. Tables require a concise heading.

References should be cited consecutively in numerical order in the text (as superscript outside the punctuation) and the same numerical order must be followed on a separate sheet at the end of the manuscript. The title of the Journals used follow the abbreviated style used in the index medicus. The author is responsible for the accuracy of references.
• Papers published in Journals:
Mahagan T, Lightman SL, 2000 A simple test for growth hormone deficiency in adults. J Clin Endocrinol Metab 85: 1473-1476.
When the number of authors exceeds six, the designation et al must be used after the third author.
• Books:
Mazzaferri EL 1993 Thyroid carcinoma. Papillary and follicular. In: Mazzaferri EL, Samaan N (eds) Endocrine tumors, Blackwell Scientific Publications Inc, Cambridge; pp, 278-333.

• Electronic
Only electronic submission is now possible. Please submit through our website
- Create an account as an author
- Log in to our system as an author
- Follow the on-line instructions step by step
- The home page also includes FAQs for any further information you may need.
• Provide a statement signed by all authors that the manuscript has not been published or submitted elsewhere. State the first and the last name of all the authors, their e-mail address and the institution they work for. Provide the full name of at least four possible reviewers experts in the relevant field of research for the submitted article together with their e-mail address.
• Personal communications should not be included in the references.
They may be cited in the text in parentheses. Papers in press may be mentioned in the references given in the Journal. Manuscripts will become the permanent property of HORMONES and should not be published elsewhere without written permission from the authors and Journal. Manuscripts are submitted to HORMONES with the understanding that they have not been simultaneously submitted to other journals

Pulished research must comply with the guidelines for human studies and animal welfare regulations. Authors should state these, when applicable. The relevant statement should be accompanied by a notation of approval by the institutional committee on human research in the Materials and Methods section.

Authors should disclose any sponsorship or funding related to their research. All authors should disclose any conflicts of interest.

This is defined as the case where a paper includes repetition of another text published elsewhere with a similarity of at least 25% without citation. If such plagiarism is identified either before or after publication authors will be asked for explanations and there is risk that the paper may be retracted.